Thursday, 3 September 2015

Review - Cosmic Dragon Sacred Soy Candle

Sacred Soy Candle - The Cosmic Dragon

I picked up this Sacred Soy Candle via eBay, but they are also sold via The Archangel Studio's website

The website says: "The fragrance and light of this sacred candle aids connection to the Cosmic Dragon who may prefer to present itself as purple energy and colour. Cosmic Dragons teach us to connect with knowledge and power greater than our own understanding, even other beings and forms that live in the Galactic Universe. They help us transform thought and desire into physical forms. Their energy must be treated with respect as they can be primal and direct when asked for assistance.

Contains a small quartz crystal to charge the blend of essential oils Holy Basil and Jasmine with Light."

The first time I lit it, I had it burning for at least 4 hours as it smelt amazing. I had just received a Sodalite carved dragon skull who assured me he was a cosmic dragon and he absolutely loved it too. This candle would be perfect to have burning (safely) during meditation sessions and dragon magic workings. I might have to try the other four candles in the range now!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bad Tysha & Baby Dragons

I know, bad Tysha hasn't posted for ages :(

I've been battling illness, tiredness, and now I'm back to work so that's keeping me very busy. 

I have gone back to crafting however, and I've been making these little GemChip Baby Dragons:
This is a chakra set I made as a custom request, but I've made lots of others too. I don't really want to spam this blog with them, so if you're interested, head over to the Dragonwys Facebook Page.

I take custom requests for them, all details are in the notes section on FB (or on the sidebar).

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dragon Oracle

The other day I received this gorgeous dragon oracle card set from Angel Light Heart via Etsy.

The cards are beautifully printed, brightly coloured and will be a joy to use. I would definitely recommend them to any dragon lovers interested <3

The Dragon Oracle also has a Facebook Page where Cathelijne posts dragon card readings and other lovely things ^_^  

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Personal Dragon Reading Challenge

Yesterday I discovered this: 47+ of your Favourite Books about Dragons, and I was tempted to use it as a challenge list for 2015, but I already have a stack of books waiting to be read and I really can't justify buying any more until I get some of those finished. So here is my personal, dragon novel reading list (in no particular order):

Dreamwalker - J. D. Oswald
Dragons: The Essential Ties - Ricardo Chévere
The Dragons of Ordinary Farm - Williams & Beale
Dragon's Milk - Susan Fletcher
Dragon Slippers - Jessica Day George
Chronicles of Dragon Lore - Julie A Dickson
The Tropic of Serpents (A Memoir by Lady Trent) - Marie Brennan
Dragon's Ring - Dave Freer
The Glass Dragon - Irene Radford
Dragon Fire - Charles Ashton
Dragon Master (Omnibus) - Chris Bunch
Dragonkin - Robin Wayne Bailey
Dragonlord of Mystara - Thorarinn Gunnarsson
Seraphina - Rachel Hartman
The Adamantine Palace - Stephen Deas
Dragonsdale - Salamanda Drake
The Dragon of Trelian - Michelle Knudsen
Dragon Keeper - Carole Wilkinson
Dragons and Decisions - Jenny Sullivan
The Secret Country - Jane Johnson
Dragon Rider - Cornelia Funke
Stone Heart - Charlie Fletcher
Bronze Dragon Codex - R. D. Henham
Ferno: The Fire Dragon - Adam Blade

Once I've worked my way through these 24, then I can think about adding some new books to my hoard's library ^_^

Chibi Tysha by snapshadow (LJ)
Chibi Tysha by snapshadow (LJ)